Monday, August 20, 2007

a list of things i want

wall hanging by salvor fauna. 275$
i have a pillow by this brand and i love it. this wall hanging is pretty expensive but worth it for such a beautiful piece of original art. the coolest thing about it is that it's printed on little balsa rectangles that are attached to a flexible backing. it's beautiful.

salvor fauna also makes bags. i love them. i want one - ergo it makes the list.

i love the area big bedding. it's beautiful. i sorta wish i'd have bought this for my dorm room. but i think this is good first house bedding. so will better love it if we ever move in together. he will. how could you not?

a chris king 1 1/8" no threadset in silver. they're beautiful and awesome. they're also 135$. which i cant bring myself to spend. maybe because im broke.

uncle eddie's chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies ever. but they dont sell them on the east coast.

bag from giant robot. i love this penguin tiger bag. my purses are usually all totes. and i need a new one because my discovery center for cell bio tote has chocolate on the bottom.

i love this tee shirt with art by souther salazar from giant robot. it's reallyy cute. women's large please!

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Kelley Mc said...

ooh I wish you hadn't posted that wall hanging, now I want them all! I was looking around that same site, they do have some really beautiful things!