Monday, December 31, 2007

a preview of something i've been working on:

i havent been very creative since ive been home. ive been so antsy and i have some nice ideas, but i havent been motivated. oh well. at least i have something to keep me busy...

Friday, December 07, 2007

happy december!
here is a wish list:

a mercier kilo tt. this is my new bike-of-choice. it's more practical (and less expensive) than a keirin. i also want to get it powder coated. i'll probably go with a sea-foam green. or maybe navy.

here are some books i want to read and thus i want to own:

I am literally obsessed with this bracelet from bittersweetsny. i actually think i like a ring they have better. but this bracelet is the epitome of awesome design.

owl pendant for A.P.C. owls are very trendy, and of the millions of owl necklaces i've seen, this is the most unique and cute.

no description needed - just gorgeous.

a 500$ honeycomb blanket from 2modern. so beautiful but more money than i would ever want to spend on a blanket.

what do you want for the holidays?