Friday, February 29, 2008

today was a really beautiful day. at about 12 am, i posted some secret fortunes in the classrooms and outside around my school. 

"i want to meet you"

"you should be a bit nicer to people"

"going to class isn't the most important thing in the world"

"college isn't the only option."

"in 10 years, you won't remember this class, but you might remember this note"

and as i was walking back to my friend's dorm, i saw this sign. oops.

i laid in my friend's bed until 4, and then i came home and slept for a long, long time. i had a dream that someone i was supposed to hang out with that night went out of town.

i met a friend for lunch. we stopped by a bagel store and i saw a girl whom i had read about on craigslist's missed connections. someone has a crush on her but is too scared to talk to her. she matched the description on the post. i knew it was her. i told her about it and i hope she checks it out. maybe ill go back sometime and ask her about it.

and my dream from the early morning came true; the person i had made plans with went out of town!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i got a cute baby squirrel tattoo!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

i think it's important to leave your roommate secret notes everyday. the more random, the better. today i went to Foods of All Nations. I was psyched because they have some good european candy. also, they have cadbury mini eggs - the best easter candy ever. not those gross creamy things, these guys have a chalky sugar shell and super good milk chocolate inside. i love easter. yet another sign that i might be jesus. lets add it to the list:

1. stigmata
2. meekly nice
3. love easter (for the candy)

1. not jewish
2. dont believe in me
3. dont have apostles - yet.

another reason to love easter is baby chicks. my mom used to get them in her easter basket. this has never happened to me. when i get older and have some money i'd like to have chickens and a goat maybe. you know what always cheers me up? saying PEEP PEEP out loud. go ahead, try it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

here is what's on my wall: it makes me happy
most people have photographs of friends or family. that's kind of boring. mhm.

this was a birthday present - and an awesome one at that - it's a linocut of a man and his bike in Amsterdam. 

i think bugs are pretty cool. i dont know though. if i saw these guys walking around my room i might feel differently. but i wouldnt kill them. no no no.

this is a photograph by my friend ellie (blog link soon!). it's a squirrel amongst nutcrackers. i was really impressed.

this is a shadowbox i made with some of my vintage buttons. my favorite one is the smoking one. resting on it is a postcard of souther salazar. he's amazing.

i'm sorry that i take such shitty photographs. I should learn how to do that...

on another note, id like to say that this weekend has been a pretty good one. i love listening to people talk about what they love. kate, thanks for talking to me about your epiphanies. they're beautiful. chandler, i loved hearing about reed. im so excited for you and jealous! james, hearing you talk about SAS is awesome.

does anyone else feel like going to class is making them dumber? i mean so far i've had only one teacher talk about the subject with passion. and it was an awesome class because of that. genetics and anatomy with pennybacker was awesome last year because he was excited about it.

i know that college is making me less creative.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


it's important to have stickers of yourself. i put them on my letters so my pals dont forget what i look like. 
this is a letter to my friend kimbles. i drew pictures on the border of my banana pipe, my moccasins (and a cigarette heading towards them), and pb and j. 

this is the cover of the letter. more dwell cut-outs. 

i am very hungry, there's nothing to eat here. nothing looks good to me anymore. i just want seaweed salad from tokyo rose. mmm. 
i made these little envelopes from dwell magazine and glued them onto cards. i was inspired by martha stewart. 

they're for 2 friends' birthdays, who hopefully never read this. i mean does anyone?
i made this stocking for a buddy for xmas. he loves 80s/90s volkswagens. this is a mk 2 gti. i was happy with how it turned out. you may recall the one i made for my friend charlie last year. charlie still has it hanging up in his room. i thought that was sweet. 

i like nice people.