Friday, August 17, 2007

i sorta neglected the blog for a bit and im going to try to make up for it. lately ive been sort of prepping for moving out so i guess i havent had as much time to craft. im worried that my dorm room wont be big enough to suit all my crafting needs. i have so much to think about. should i bring my gocco? how and i going to cut straight edges without my mother's nice paper cutter? will i have room for all my paper, markers, pens, x-acto knives, rub on transfers, stickers, glues, glitter, etc? im worried but excited! i also want to decorate my wall, if i have space. there are three of us living in a small room and so hopefully ill have some wall space to make my own.

ive been watching futurama a lot lately. it's very funny. in fact, will and i had to make a mad dash to barnes and noble before it closed. we made it about 2 minutes before closing and picked up season three. so bender, the robot on the show, deserved to be immortalized as a pseudo stuffed animal. he was originally a zippered pouch but the lining bothered me because zipper kept eating it up, so i cut it up and made this.

ive also been into accordion books. they're really easy and i love to cover the squares with martha stewart paper. she has so many awesome color combos.
i bought a bunch of stuff to make a scrapbook, but ive decided that ill probably never get to it. so i cut up all the photos and supplies for accordion book use. theres no use hoarding this stuff. after all, shutterfly's not going anywhere.

i've missed this blog!

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