Saturday, May 05, 2007

it's been so long! i havent been crafting as much as i should but ive done a few things.

but this update is about other crafty people in my life.

firstly, my new (and fucking awesome) boyfriend will made 2 adorable easter eggs.

this is a squirrel easter egg (it's my favorite animal)

this is an audi egg he made for my mother.

he also drew me a squirrelysaurus, a hybrid ankylosaurus-squirrel:

it reminds me of the art in the royal tenenbaums. i love art like that. with a handwritten pencil title complete with a period at the end.

and for those of you who wonder where my crafty impulses come from, meet my mother, the crafting queen. she used to be really into making things for my class when i was little, but when she went back to work she had less and less time. lately she's been sewing again. she sews me a new lunch bag every monday, wednesday, and friday. i kid you not.

a pile of some of them

a few of my favorites.

1 comment:

Will Mitchell said...

I still have to see the royal tenennabuabums.

i want to make you some other awesome stuffz. i love you.