Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my computer is fixed! yay!

so lately my crafting has been limited, but here's what i have.

i worked on a scrapbook for a friend, and i really liked this page so i thought i'd share. it's just a sorta messy page with artifacts from our relationship - a ticket stub, a sticker, pieces of letters, etc. lately ive been liking this exercise - mapped out compilations of things - or junk to some people - with hand-written explanations.

ive also been working on an "art journal." it is essentially a written and visual medium to journal or list, and it's fun to write whatever is on my mind or give myself an activity. here is a picture of a page, i tried to make it blurry but if you work really hard you can read what it says.

tons of buttons! im thinking of putting them in sets of three and selling them. anyone interested?

and finally, the screened shirt (please excuse my polka dotted bra):

would people be interested in purchasing one? id probably sell them for 15$. but i dont know. i might need to retire the screen. let me know please!

i think im going to get some stickers screened to promote this site.

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Gelsie said...

i like the teeethh button.