Friday, November 09, 2007

GOOD WAYS TO CHEER UP (non craft edition)

1. listen to songs about people who feel the same way as you. Jeff Lewis, Spoonboy, and Kimya Dawson have been saying all the things that I can't lately.
2. plan something fun. I've been starting to think about christmas, which is fun because then I can think about being home and being with the people I love. I want to make it a really nice time.
3. lately looking at pictures on Flickr can really cheer me up.
4. call a loved one. will cheers me up.
5. think about drugs.
6. go somewhere alone.
7. when you're bored in class make up stupid stories abotu the people around you.
8. eat great tasting, beautiful food
9. buy something nice for yourself or a friend.
10. take a day! when it's your day you feel great.


Anonymous said...

lately i've been planning a winter dinner party! (much like the summer one i gave)
it doesnt help that half the time i'm super hungry...


Will Mitchell said...

I'm glad i cheer you up!