Thursday, September 27, 2007

i love care packages
i love sending them
and i love receiving them.

the picture above is a care package i sent my friend anh.

inside, will and i included magazines, candy, pretty colored paper, lip gloss and a handmade accordion book i had made a long time ago and was never able to give to her in person.

the book was a mini scrapbook of pictures of us throughout high school.

ingredients of a good care package:
something handmade is always appreciated. today i received a tiny box - inside were clay creatures and twine on which to string them. my boyfriend is pretty sweet. I sent my friend chandler a care package over the summer and included a handsewn pencil case. she told me recently that she still uses it!

food. this is always appreciated, especially if the recipient is in college where every foodstuff is overpriced. think about their favorite candy or snack and stick some in. if someone were to send me a package, theoretically of course, i would greatly appreciate watermelon sour jacks. just saying.

novelties. junk is always more appealing if it has been sent across the state. in chandler's care package, i included a tamogatchi. anh's had a headband. little things are sweet reminders of friends. it need not be just junk either, send pencils, pens, notecards, stationery; think useful.

a thoughtful gift. if you know a book someone would love to read, send it to them. my mother sent me a necklace she knew i'd love. it doesn't have to be too expensive - but if you find something and say "______ would love this" (this happens to me daily), send it to them! why not?

a note. a handwritten note is a sweet touch and reminds the recipient how much thought you put into her gift.

with that said, i would like to stress that if receiving a care package seems really fun, you should give to receive. create good care-package-karma.

i am sorry i have neglected this blog. school has been stressful, but that is no excuse!

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I haven't spread the care package karma
i meant to and i will
belated is my middle name!
p.s. its anh