Sunday, July 08, 2007

made this for gideon for his birthday. he liked it. i was satisfied. i didnt think c3po looked c3po enough, but yeah.

here is a rhino embroidered pencil bag that will be for my etsy shop once i set it up. until then, im selling it for 23$ if anyone is interested. it's hand embroidered and hand-sewn. the embroidery is from an original drawing by yours truly.

this is another embroidered bag with another originial drawing - dead batteries - from a series called 10 things that are annoying. this one is smaller and is 20$. if you're interested let me know!

i know i havent posted in so long, but i have kept crafting. will and i will be going to california on thursday for 10 days. we are going to another diy craft fair in la called felt club and we're excited. it should be bigger than pile of craft.

i picked up this book, the guerilla art kit by one of my favorite bloggers, kerri smith. i made these king tomato stickers using a recipe she had for lick and stick stickers. the picture on the left is the drawing process. the stickers are all cut up now complete withthe mixture on the back of them. you need to get this book and try it out, so much fun.

hope everyone had a great 4th! i have more to post but ill try to break it up.

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